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How To Save Money On RV Storage

Everybody today is concerned about their dollars and how they are spent. It makes sense to try and spend your money wisely. Here are a few great tips to save money on RV storage.  In the pursuit of saving money, people have cut corners and taken extraordinary risks to save a few dollars. For example, some have switched RV storage facilities, leaving a clean and secure place to park at a facility with little or no security. Some have also given up paved parking for gravel or dirt lots, exposing their RV to mice and rat infestation. This method is not a good idea and is never recommended because in the long run these savings may end up costing a lot more.

To save some money without compromising the safety of your RV, try saving money wisely.  Ask the management if they offer any discounts for longer term leases. These are great because not only do you get a better storage rate, but you are also price protected for the term of the lease from any rate increases. Ask if there are any move-in specials or manager specials. These specials can sometimes offer you a super low introductory rate for the first month or two. These incentives do save money and should not be overlooked.

You can save money on RV storage by choosing your facility wisely. There are some big savings that most never realize or consider when they are shopping for RV storage.

For Example: suppose you chose a facility that offered amenities like:

  • Professional RV washing  station (note: not just an area with a hose & bucket)
  • Dump station
  • Air to inflate tires
  • Ice

All of these amenities can save a lot of money and time. A coin operated do it yourself car wash would cost you about $50.00 to wash an RV. A dump station service will charge you $20.00.  To air up all your tires at the gas station will costs $5.00 in quarters.  If you stop at the supermarket to buy a few 20 lbs bags of ice for the cooler will cost you $18.00.  Add all those costs up and you are spending $93.00 every time you prepare the RV or boat for an outing. If you use your RV more than once a month you could be saving $93.00 times 2 or 3 which then becomes a very huge saving. As you can see, practical useful amenities at an RV storage facility can save you lots of money!

How about the argument of choosing to store your vehicle at a facility that’s cheaper because it’s further away out in the dessert away from the cities. There are several problems with that argument. While there can be some cost savings, there is the inconveniences and travel distances to deal with. Most of your monthly saving is eaten up with extra fuel costs of going to and from the facility located too far away. In addition, if you forget something as simple as your keys, the doubling back is double the frustration. Your RV should be within 10 –40 minutes away from your home, not hours. One individual drove the point home nicely who stored his boat at the river. He complained “I have to drive over 2 hours each way to pick up my boat just to do a little work on it”. Convenience is worth some costs!