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Why the Cheapest RV Storage Can Cost the Most

Mr. Connor spent $3,200, Mr. Smith spent $4,100 and Mr. Rickels spent $2,200 on repairs to their RV’s. The one thing that all of them have in common is they chose to store their RV’s at the cheapest RV storage place they could find.  All of them felt they were saving money during this difficult economical time that we are living in. Their decision to store their vehicles at these cheaper locations was merely based on the price only, but in truth it cost them the most.

Mr Connor chose to store his RV further out from his home in Corona, California. He found an RV storage facility that only cost $95.00 per month for his 40 ft motorhome in Murrieta. The facility was not really an RV storage facility but rather a dirt field that had been cleaned off.  Some gravel was spread out and turned into a graveled parking lot. Even though he would have to drive 40 miles to the RV Parking place and it was a converted field the $95.00 price got the better of him and he committed to renting a space for 6 months. After storing it for 4 months he picked up his motorhome for a planned trip. There was an awful smell inside the motorhome. After cleaning and preparing the coach for the trip he found a serious problem, the motorhome had been infested with field mice and some had burrowed into the walls and died creating the awful smell.  The bed mattress had also been infested with mice that nested and gave birth to little ones that were still in the mattress. Mr. Connor spent $3,200 to remove the mice and replace the mattresses. That also included repairs to the wiring and hoses that the mice had chewed up. Storing your RV on dirt or gravel is a serious problem and should be avoided regardless of price, convenience or amenities.

Mr Smith chose to store his travel trailer at another storage facility that was cheap. He found an RV storage that offered a space for his 30 ft trailer for only $75 per month. The Storage place was another gravel storage lot in Fontana. After only storing his trailer for 3 months he found that his trailer had been scraped down the entire left side of the trailer. Mr Smith was afraid that this might happen because this RV storage did not have any way to clearly identify what the space was, where they started and were they stopped. It was based on an honor system were they guy next to you was not supposed to encroach upon your space needed for your vehicle. Because the spaces were not clearly marked people would park too close to his, making it near impossible to get in or out of his space. Clearly the guy next to Mr Smith came too close and scratched the whole side of the trailer. When Mr Smith brought to the attention of the storage management they accused Mr Smith of trying to make a false claim against the facility and the fellow customers. Mr Smith decision to choose a storage facility that was cheap really cost him $4,100.

Mr Rickels found yet another Cheap RV storage facility. Why they claimed that they offered secured RV storage, Mr Rickels should have known better. This storage place in Ontario offered $99.00 RV storage for his 33 ft Weekend Warrior trailer. The facility was not in the best part of town and the perimeter only had a 6 ft chain link fence around it with barbed wire wrapped around at the top. The management made claims that it was very secure because they lived on the property and they watch everything like a hawk. Well they certainly fell short of their claims because one day when Mr. Rickels came to pick up his trailer he was shocked about what he found.  He found some homeless man living in his trailer. The man was arrested and taken away but the trailer was trashed and smelled horrible from the disgusting living conditions. It cost Mr. Rickels $2,200 to have the trailer cleaned and the furnishings that were damaged or stolen replaced.

Everyone can learn from these kinds of mistakes. Don’t let the price be the determining factor in your choice of RV storage.  Maybe you’re looking to save money, who would not understand that. Just make sure that the RV storage facility offers the following 1) Paved parking surface. Avoid dirt or graveled lots. 2) Location should always be in the safest part of town away from homeless, gang and criminal activity. 3) The perimeters should be walled and not a chain link fence. Preferably, high walls that cannot be easily climbed over by unwanted guest. 4) Access should always be electronically controlled gates and monitored by cameras. 5) Good lighting at night is a must. 6) Spaces should be wide, clearly marked and defined so that other nearby customers do not encroach upon your space. Driveways need to be wide so that you and other customers can easily get in and out of your spaces without damaging other RV’s. 7) And, it’s nice if they offer other free amenities like a wash station, dump stations, and other thoughtful amenities.

Remember: If you pay more, you’re probably getting a lot more. In the end that may be cheaper than going too cheap!