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RV Parking And City Codes

Like most cities in Southern California, there are laws that prohibit RV parking in the streets or in front of someone’s home in their driveways for more than a few days.  Some cities are very aggressive and patrol regularly giving citations to law breaking offenders. While other cities seem like they do not enforce the laws and allow RV and boats to park everywhere.  Why is there such inconsistency and who is responsible to make sure everyone is playing by the rules?  The answer is Code Enforcement.  Each city has a Code Enforcement Department that is responsible for enforcing the city laws and statutes that are passed by the City Council.

There are some who love the laws regarding RV parking.  A few good reasons to enforce the laws are  1) RV’s parked out on the streets in neighborhoods are a safety hazard for playing children that drivers cannot see.  2) RV’s parked at homes in their front yards can make the neighborhood look cluttered and not pleasing to the eyes.  3) Neighborhoods with a lot of RV’s parked illegally can bring home values down.

Some RV owners dislike the laws because they feel forced into two options.  1) Park their RV’s behind or on the side of their homes which could have costs associated in building a concrete pad to park on or a large gate for access.  2) Store their RV or boat at an RV storage facility which costs money monthly.

The question is how do you get everyone playing by the same rules?  It does not seem fair that some follow the laws and they properly store or park their RV’s and yet there are others who disregard the law and park their RV’s as they choose too.  The key to the answer is Code Enforcement.  While you may live in a city that does not actively patrol for violators of the law, they will enforce the law if you call them about the violation. You might be thinking that you do not want to make enemies with your neighbors but most don’t realize that you can call your local City Code Enforcement and make a complaint anonymously.  This way you are assured that nobody knows who called and made the complaint.   It’s only fair that everyone follows the laws that are in place.   The only way to make sure that everyone follows the rules is for home owners to call Code Enforcement and make the complaints.   If you feel that your neighborhood needs cleaning up, you can call your local City and ask for Code Enforcement to make the complaint.

Here is a list of some Southern California City Code Enforcement phone numbers to help you get started.

City Code Enforcement Phone Numbers:

  • Brea, CA 714-990-7139
  • Chino, CA 909-591-9809
  • Chino Hills, CA 909-364-2757
  • Corona, CA 951-739-4970
  • Diamond Bar, CA 909-839-7030
  • Glendora, CA 626-914-8201
  • Montclair, CA 909-447-3540
  • Ontario, CA 909-395-2757
  • Pomona, CA 909-620-2051
  • Riverside, CA 951-826-5633
  • Upland, CA 909-931-4100
  • Walnut, CA 909-595-7543
  • Yorba Linda, CA 714-961-7138