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RV Storage Tips

If you are going to put your RV in storage for some period of time, here are some tips and suggestions that can help.

Make sure that your tires are clean and covered. Women cover their faces in mud as a treatment to extract oils from their skin. Just as mud will extract oils from the skin it will also extract the oils needed in the rubber compound of the tires on your RV. Harmful rays from sunlight and smog pollutions can also cause deterioration of the rubber compound, causing dry-rot in your tires. It’s a known fact that many RV tires are replaced from dry-rot before actually wearing out the tread.

Keep your windows and vents closed, but leave the refrigerator and freezer open. Many believe that keeping a vent open will allow circulation of cooler air inside the RV that will result in longer lasting interior. The truth is, by keeping the vents open you’re inviting micro dust to settle everywhere inside your RV. This gritty mess is very hard to clean up and you may find yourself sneezing on your next trip. The best is to leave both the refrigerator and freezer doors open so that mold, mildew and that smell from it, never happens.

Tips like these and others you can learn from seminars put on by McBride’s Service & Supply in Chino, California.