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RV Storage In the Winter

The winter time poses some serious problems for RV owners. If you’re not prepared for the months of rain, it could cost you in more ways than you might imagine. Serious issues can arise from mud and rain. Also, if you have chosen an RV storage that parks RV’s on gravel or dirt then there are additional issues to contend with. You need to be aware of the issues and the steps you should take to prepare for the winter time.

Let’s start with choosing the right RV storage facility. If you have a good storage facility, you could eliminate some of the biggest concerns before it becomes an issue. Don’t choose an RV storage facility that parks your RV on dirt or gravel. These facilities will turn into a muddy mess in the winter months. Mud is the worst possible problem for RV’s.  Mud is used at fancy day spas on women’s faces because it draws out the oils in the skin as it dries. Just as it draws the oils out from the skin, mud will draw out the needed and necessary oils in the rubber of the tires. Mud will cause the worst case of dry-rot on the side walls of your RV’s tires. Your tires could become ruined in just one winter season from mud. This could cost you a few thousand dollars, just from a poor choice in RV storage. Third, some of these dirt/gravel lots have no drainage for the rain. You could show up to get your RV and find that some of the RV is under water causing severe water damage to the undercarriage, wood platform, the flooring and walls. This could cost you a bundle.

Roof damage from water

A leaking roof can cause serious damage to an RV or trailer

If you have a good storage facility, you just need to make sure that you’re prepared for the rainy months. Make sure that your roof vents are closed and properly sealed. In addition, make sure that the roof maintenance (roof resealing) has been cared for. A roof that leaks can cause expensive damages to an RV. If you know that the roof is in bad shape, choose an RV storage that offers covered spaces that can protect your roof from the rain. It’s always best that you have your roof inspected once a year to make sure that it’s in good shape for the winter months. Don’t count on an RV cover to protect you from water damage when you know that the roof is bad.  You’re better off spending the money to reseal the roof as it costs similar in price to a new cover.